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Paul McGann about the Five-ish Doctors: ‘Wasn’t that actually the best thing about that weekend? That was the best thing on, wasn’t it. I think it was. It was the thing with the true spirit’

well… he’s not wrong, is he


I am getting hit with a dose of sudden, intense anger at what my favorites shows have become. 

I’m literally sitting here thinking and sighing and being SO upset that I cannot even watch old episode without feeling like it isn’t worth it. That the things that brought me so much joy now fills me with intense dislike.

It’s night and I’m tired and overdramatic and I REALLY need to take a shower but I’m really bitter right now. I am not filled with sunshine and smiles like I want to be.


Okay. Okay. Moffat fans, sit down.

Because you know what? You know how Clara gets sent back in time to spend her life rescuing the Doctor? You know how she even went back and picked out the TARDIS for him?

That doesn’t make her into a hero. That doesn’t make her some new, amazing person. It doesn’t make her fantastic or unique or powerful.

But you know what it does do?

It undermines every single second of every minute that has passed for the last 50 years. Because it wasn’t Jo, or Sarah Jane, or Susan, or Ace, or Ian, or Barbara, or Jamie, or even Roser, Donna, Jack, Wilf, or Martha that keep the Doctor safe. They don’t matter anymore. All the times they have saved the Doctor don’t matter anymore.

Because no matter what they do, no matter how much danger they or the Doctor are in, it’s not up to them to save him,. Their actions mean nothing. Because Clara was born to save the Doctor. And if the Doctor is safe, then they have her to thank. It’s not their bravery, or cunning, or strength that saves the day.

It’s just Clara.

It was Clara who distracted the Daleks so the Doctor and his friends could escape their cell. It was Clara who stopped the Nestene Consciousness from attacking Earth. It was Clara who stopped the Doctor from drowning with the Racnoss. It was Clara who walked the Earth in the Year That Never Was.

And that doesn’t make her a hero. It makes her a thief. A ghost. A shadow. A slave tied helplessly to the orders to save, protect, serve.

She’s not a hero. She doesn’t have a choice. She doesn’t know where she is, and she doesn’t know who she is.

All she knows is that she must save the Doctor.

And she dies, every single time.

She’s not a hero. She’s not an impossible girl.

She’s a mockery of every person he has ever met, good or bad.

Because she’s inevitable. The heroes stand back idly as she passes by, because they know, no matter what they do, they are worse than useless next to her, and the villains drop to their knees in despair, their plans unraveled at the seams by her mere presence.

We should have seen it coming when she wiped the Doctor from the Dalek’s memory.

Because she has erased every single threat against his life. Against his companion’s lives. Everything they have gone though has been without meaning, because their continuation was assured. They never faced any danger. Their tears and sorrow and despair were for naught.

Because she’s Clara Oswin Oswald.

She’s a human shield.

And nothing in the universe can harm him now.

Not while she’s around.








Its called the Death Waltz, and was written as a joke but people have attempted it on piano.

Saxes move downstage.

I’ll just leave this here.


initially it seemed as scary as Through the Fire and Flames after the ending credits in GH3, but I quickly realised that was the most monstrous understatement ever.

release the penguins

insert peanuts

all Harpists stand up and wait

remove cattle from stage




I’m reading up on the Memoirs of a Geisha controversy, since I’d neither seen the movie nor read the book, and the more I read about it, the more pissed off I get.  Basically it went down like this:

Japanese woman tells white American man about her past life as a geisha.  White American man then writes a novel that sells itself as an accurate memoir of Japanese woman’s life, but instead falsifies a number of her life events, misrepresents her trade, and exoticises her culture.  He also names her as a source even though she specifically asked him to keep her anonymous.  Japanese woman gets death threats.  White American man becomes bestselling author.

Then Japanese woman gets fed up and writes her own memoir to set the record straight.  Meanwhile, white American man’s book gets adapted into a film that grosses $162 million and wins three Oscars.

This is why I can’t stand Memoirs of a Geisha and will side-eye anyone who claims that book as a favourite.

never read the book watched the movie wasn’t anything special the actors were nice to look at

The book was self congratulatory and grossly pro-American and racist. It was all “yeah the Americans came but they were chill so we were wrong to be so afraid” and “well the defeat of our nation was like not a big deal, i mean it’s not like our emperor was force to publicly humiliate himself by the americans and crushed the nation whoops”

If anyone is interested, there is a movie called Hana-Ikusa, produced in Japan with Iwasaki Mineko directly involved in production, starring Inoue Mao. 




I’m all in favor of badass!Linda, but I find that scene interesting, disturbing, and tragic. There’s a fair amount of discussion about how callous Sam and Dean have become over the seasons about the fate of angelic and demonic vessels, and this scene is certainly an example of that. This isn’t killing demon and vessel in self-defense in a combat situation; this is a deliberate keeping of a prisoner to hand over for revenge killing. And in Linda we see on a smaller narrative scale a similar process to what has made Sam and Dean into who they are now. It’s not like Linda is unaware of how possession works. She herself was the victim of possession by Crowley, and Dean’s willingness to kill her in order to kill Crowley was an emphatic narrative point. Yet now she is going to kill a demon who is inhabiting a vessel not much older than Kevin, kill him in cold blood in revenge for her imprisonment, torture, and trauma. And that’s what Sam and Dean have to offer her, out of their own experience, as a way of dealing with her trauma. It’s not an incomprehensible reaction for any of them, but it’s one of the saddest and grimmest moments on a show that, albeit with some ups and downs, has been willing to confront the fact that the outcome of trauma isn’t necessarily badasses you admire or woobies you want to wrap in a blanket, but people damaged in ways that are scary and not at all pretty.

I’d also note that though of course Linda’s relationship with Kevin is a major part of her character, it’s not accurate to characterize this particular moment as “motherly wrath.” This isn’t something Linda is doing because of Kevin, this is something she’s doing in reaction to her own experience.  I respect the show there both for allowing Linda to have her own reactions to her own traumatic experience and for letting her do something that morally ambiguous without the (extremely double-edged in SPN in any case) context of protecting family.




all i want is another episode where sam and dean go to a supernatural convention and sam runs into a bunch of sam!girls who, not realizing who he is, go on and on and on about their favorite character and why he’s kind and beautiful and pure and just all these different things and about how sam saved the world and just

i just want sam to hear how amazing he is


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Nicole reacting to Tom’s Fuck, Marry, Kill answers

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